The refurbished Hitachi Lisendo 880 is designed as Hitachi-Aloka’s premium cardiac and vascular ultrasound machine.

Featuring a large number of advanced features, the used Hitachi Lisendo 880 ultrasound competes among the top cardiovascular ultrasound machines of its time, such as the GE Vivid e90, Philips Epiq 7, and GE Vivid e9.

Its premium features include: Single Crystal Transducers, Vector Flow Mapping, LVeFLOW, Dual Gate Doppler, 2DTT (Strain and Strain Rate), BiPlane EF, 2D/3D/4D imaging, AutoLA, AutoEF, Protocol Assistant, and a high performance OLED display.

Providian Medical Hitachi Lisendo Review:

The merger of Hitachi and Aloka bring two premium engineering teams to utilize the best imaging technologies from the two companies. The Hitachi Lisendo doesn’t disappoint by providing excellent cardiovascular imaging and a good alternative to industry giants GE and Philips.