The used Hitachi HI VISION Avius ultrasound system offers a wide range of advanced imaging capabilities in a compact, standalone unit. The Avius was designed for all mainstream ultrasound applications and is compatible with Hitachi’s dedicated and standard specialist transducers.

The refurbished Avius utilizes the latest broadband beamforming technologies and ultra high speed processing capability, making it a smart choice for accurate diagnostic technology and reliable interventional therapeutic ultrasound practice. The affordable HI VISION system includes premium high-end technologies, including Real-time Tissue Elastography (RTE), 4D and dynamic Contrast harmonic Imaging (dCHI).

In addition to offering cutting-edge imaging technology, the Avius is also user friendly. The system’s LCD monitor has a graphical user interface built-in, with efficient adjustments of imaging parameters and easy access to Smart Tab menus and toolbars. Thanks to smart data management features and digital transfer capabilities, the Avius makes it easy to maintain and store patient data quickly.