The refurbished Hitachi F31 ultrasound system is a compact lightweight machine that is designed for busy clinical settings. Combining the latest Hitachi scanning technologies with an ergonomic design, the F31 delivers strong performance capabilities and advanced system features.

The used F31’s advanced imaging functions include Broadband Harmonics (Bbh), Adaptive Image Processing (AIP) and Spatial Compound Imaging (SCI). These allow specific parts of the body to be imaged with better clarity and resolution. The system also includes advanced modalities, such as eFlow for accurate blood flow mapping, and Extended Field of View (EFV) for scanning of large structures on a single screen.

In addition to delivering the latest in ultrasound viewing technologies, the F31 also features an ergonomic design that is easy to operate and transport. The monitor tilts and swivels 330 degrees, delivering an optimized angle for viewing, and features a 90 degree right and left rotation of the operation console for increased operator comfort. The smartly designed F31 console is also intuitive to use, speeding up examination times by providing easily accessible control buttons and single-measurement activations.