The used Hitachi Arietta V60 is a versatile and compact ultrasound system that can be moved easily from room to room. The refurbished 4D Arietta V60 system’s monitor can be folded forward for safe transport, and includes an adjustable panel height for the most comfortable working environment.

Designed for the highest level of usability, the Arielle V60 includes an optimized operating panel layout that can be customized to suit your needs. The Arietta V60 was developed with probe-dependent function assignments and customization of many of the keys. The system also includes two-way multi-rotary encoders that allow users to manage several different functions with one simple control.

The Arietta V60 also includes an advanced Auto Optimizer feature, which corrects many parameters with one key-stroke. This results in completely uniform, crystal clear images. Auto Track functionality of Doppler waveforms also supports the most efficient exam processes by significantly reducing the number of required key strokes, while Real-time Tissue Elastography (RTE) visualizes relative tissue stiffness, offering complementary information for diagnosis.