The refurbished Hitachi Arietta Prologue portable ultrasound machine was designed specifically for the point-of-care (POC) ultrasound market. Delivering optimized performance in a compact design, the used Arietta Prologue is a technologically advanced system that can be used for a wide array of imaging and operating requirements.

The Arietta Prologue provides advanced imaging quality and a high level of functionality that provides efficiency to support the most accurate diagnostic activities. The system’s monitor includes a full touch panel for intuitive operation right at your fingertips, while the basic operations, such as image size or gain adjustment, can be made with one hand using touch screen gestures.

Designed with advanced imaging technologies, the Arietta Prologue makes it easy to achieve high quality imaging from any location. The system includes Silky Image Processing (SIP) for increased edge enhancement and contrast resolution, and eFlow for clear delineation of ¬†blood flow and increased sensitivity for detection of microvasculature. These technologies, combined with the system’s compatibility with a diverse range of transducers, makes the Arietta Prologue the perfect choice for all medical settings.