The refurbished GE Vscan Extend is the successor to the popular GE Vscan Dual Probe an GE Vscan handheld ultrasound machines.

The used Vscan Extend for sale is a complete redesign over the previous Vscan units, but retains the optional Dual Probe that features a 2-sided probe with a linear on one side and sector probe on the other.GE Vscan Extend Dual Probe technology

The dual probe helps the Vscan become a very versatile and powerful tool for Point of Care and Bedside applications. It features a new interface with 5″ display with touchscreen controls and is about the size of a standard smartphone. It can be connected to a PC via USB or Wifi for PC export in JPG and MPG formats. With optional Wireless and DICOM packages, it can also connect wirelessly (or via USB) to communicate with DICOM worklist server and export to DICOM PACS.

The pocket-sized Vscan extend can also access the GE Marketplace to add Vscan apps that can be added to your Vscan handheld ultrasound.

Providian Medical GE Vscan Review

The GE Vscan provides surprisingly good image quality for such a small portable ultrasound. It can be configured with or without the dual-probe, although most prefer the dual probe for its versatility. It can fit in your pocket and be used in any situation without having to carry around a larger portable ultrasound machine. It’s excellent for triage and bedside ultrasound situations.