From the mid-range of GE’s advanced Voluson series of ultrasound machines, the GE Voluson S8 ultrasound aims to deliver extraordinary imaging performance for busy practices.

With HDLive, semi-automated fetal biometry, Advanced Volume Contrast Imaging, and SonoAVC™ follicle (Sonography-based Automated Volume Count follicle), the used GE Voluson S8 provides more advanced features for those with busier practices or hospitals needing a more efficient, high-quality women’s health ultrasound machine.

Imaging Performance With the GE Voluson S8

The Voluson S8 ultrasound system is designed to provide efficiency to imaging procedures through its Voluson Care Architecture and synergy between the ultrasound probes and platform. In addition to 2D and 3D imaging capabilities, the Voluson S8 offers:

  • Quick access to vascular anatomy
  • Advanced color doppler
  • Ultrasound probe imaging penetration for all exam and body types
  • Anatomical realism with HDlive technology for 3D or 4D imaging
  • Advanced Volume Contrast Imaging for higher contrast resolution
  • HD-Zoom to localize regions of interest
  • Tomographic Ultrasound Imaging

Additionally, with automated technologies, the Voluson S8 ultrasound uses various automation technologies to quicken workflows and provide greater efficiency, all without sacrificing image quality.

Advanced Ergonomics

User comfort and ergonomics are also embedded into the Voluson S8 ultrasound. From the simple user-interface to its overall mobility, the Voluson S8 aims to make imaging easier and more productive.

It includes a 19” flat screen high-resolution LCD monitor, report preview capabilities, an adaptive control panel that swivels side-to-side, and more. Streamlined archiving and reporting is also available, as well as the ability to share images quickly and securely.

Providian Medical Voluson S8 Ultrasound Review:

The Voluson line of ultrasound machines remain the premium choice for those looking for excellent 4D imaging. The S8 provides a more affordable solution over the Voluson E8 or Voluson E10 ultrasound machines. Some customers have found that, as with other Voluson machines, some customization is necessary to provide the best 4D imaging. Check out our 4D ultrasound training to learn about the most important adjustments to get the best 4D ultrasound image.