The refurbished GE Voluson P8 is one of the most affordable late-model GE lightweight 4D ultrasound machines.

As part of the P-series of ultrasound machines, the P8 is designed as a budget/entry-level 4D ultrasound machine with the premium 4D image made famous by the GE Voluson ultrasound series.

The used Voluson P8 provides excellent 4D images and is a great choice for women’s health applications looking for great 4D images on a limited budget.

A Voluson P8 comes with many of the advanced technologies of the S- and E-series Voluson ultrasound machines, but excludes some of the higher-end features that are not as frequently used in more budget-challenged environments.

The machine includes key technologies, such as speckle reduction imaging, CrossXBeam, and HD-Zoom.

Providian Medical’s Voluson P8 Ultrasound Machine Review

GE’s Voluson series of ultrasound machines has always been one of our favorites. The P8 is a nice alternative to replace the affordable Voluson 730 series. The P8 has a nice, small footprint, it’s lightweight, generates less heat, and is a great machine for a smaller office.