The refurbished GE Voluson e10 4D ultrasound machine introduced a new probe technology, a new user interface, and the most advanced women’s health ultrasound machine from GE.

The Voluson e10 includes the most advanced technology and a new structure for the console-based Voluson ultrasound machines. Its new architecture provides faster processing on a number of levels, including: the first electronic curved array 4D transducer (non-mechanical), faster processing speed, more automation, improved HDLive functionality, better penetration, and overall higher quality imaging.

The typical customer for the Voluson e10 is an advanced women’s health facility needing the highest frame rates, penetration, and efficiency out of an ultrasound.

The new 4D matrix transducer is the first electronic non-mechanical 4D curved array in the industry. This improves image quality and frame rates in 4D volumetric imaging, providing more accurate images for diagnosis.

A large 23″ high-resolution LED display, tablet-style touchscreen display, and updated user interface also provide better ergonomics and impressive looks.

Providian Medical Voluson e10 Ultrasound Review

The big news here is the 4D electronic convex transducer. It took 15 years for this type of technology to be developed, and will have an impact on the 4D ultrasound industry. Image quality will improve for diagnostics, and frame rates improve dramatically.

The e10 also has a different, updated user interface over the Voluson e8. All this speed and efficiency comes at a price, of course, but at the time of production, this is the most advanced 4D women’s health ultrasound machine on the market, passing the Voluson e8.