The used GE Vivid T8 ultrasound machine is a “hybrid” unit that combines the cardiovascular capabilities of GE’s Vivid ultrasound machines, with the general imaging features of GE’s Logiq series. The result is an affordable, rugged machine that is designed to excel in all modalities.

The refurbished T8 includes GE’s advanced cardiac technologies such as Tissue Velocity Imaging, AutoEF, SmartStress, Tissue Tracking/Tissue Synchronization Imaging, Automated Function Imaging AFI, Strain/Strain Rate Imaging, and Transesophageal echocardiography.

For the shared services technologies, the General Electric Vivid T8 includes GE’s advanced Logiq-series technologies such as AutoIMT, B-Flow, Virtual Convex, Blood Flow Imaging, and LogiqView.

Additionally, this is built as a “rugged” ultrasound machine and went through extreme dust and vibration testing in order for it to be used in more demanding situations in which the machine may be utilized in difficult physical conditions.

Providian Medical GE Vivid T8 Ultrasound Review:

Historically, Vivid ultrasounds did not provide much in quality shared-services capabilities. And vice-versa, the Logiq series didn’t provide great cardiac imaging. Some machines performed capable shared-services, but nothing really focused truly on addressing shared services in full. The T8 is designed to address this market with a durable, mobile ultrasound machine.

Shared Services environments often require the machine to be moved to multiple locations. GE placed the Vivid T8 through difficult physical stress testing for vibration, as well as environmental tests in which a large amount of dust was introduced to the environment in which the system was being used.