The refurbished GE Vivid S70 is a mid-upper range ultrasound machine that is one of the first GE ultrasounds to use its cSound beamforming technology. It is also more mobile and lightweight than the premium versions of the cSound ultrasound machines: the Vivid e90 and Vivid e95.

Providing both 2D and 4D imaging in standard and TEE echo, the used S70 ultrasound machine features outstanding image quality at the price of a mid-upper range ultrasound machine.

The featured cSound technology uses software instead of hardware to interpret ultrasound signals. The result is a cleaner image with less artifact and better continuity throughout the image.

Providian Medical’s GE S70 Ultrasound Machine Review

The Vivid S70 introduces an entirely new way of an ultrasound machine’s image rendering and interpretation. The results speak for themselves as the images appear to be clearer with better overall resolution and penetration.

The Vivid S70 is the first mid-range, lightweight ultrasound to feature GE’s new cSound technology. Its advanced features make it a standout in the mid-upper range cardiovascular ultrasound system market.