The refurbished GE Vivid S60 is a mid-upper range cardiovascular ultrasound machine that features GE’s software-based cSound beamformer image reconstruction technology. cSound was created specifically for cardiovascular ultrasound imaging, using software instead of the traditional hardware beamformer, which allows it to use more data to generate a more complete and accurate image. cSound also improves workflow and data management.

As a mid-high range ultrasound machine, the used Vivid S60 is a more budget friendly, mobile and lightweight version of GE’s premium cSound-based ultrasound machines: the Vivid e90 and Vivid e95.

The Vivid S60 also includes advanced quantification tools, including the new AFI Stress for LV quantification in a stress echo study. Its 19″ Sony OLED monitor allows wider viewing area and good viewing even in brightly lit rooms. A 12″ tablet-style touchscreen for ergonomics, ease of use, and better image management.

Providian Medical GE Vivid S60 Ultrasound Review

The S60 ultrasound is a less expensive version of the GE Vivid S70 cardiovascular ultrasound machine. These are generally the same machine, except the S70 incorporates 3D/4D imaging technology. The Vivid S-Series ultrasounds are mid-high range cardiovascular ultrasound machines that are lower-end versions of the Vivid e9 and Vivid e90 series of advanced cardiovascular ultrasound machines.