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Product Highlights

Type: Cardiac Vascular General Imaging

The GE Vivid iq is the successor to GE’s very popular advanced portable cardiovascular ultrasound machines, the GE Vivid i and the GE Vivid q. The refurbished Vivid iq is a completely redesigned product aimed at premium cardiovascular imaging, and is also a shared service ultrasound machine for OB/GYN, Small Parts, Vascular, and Abdominal imaging.

The design of the used GE Vivid iq uses a touchscreen interface that operates similar to that of a tablet or touchscreen PC. The closed surface of the user interface makes it easy to clean and disinfect. It is also 10% lighter than the Vivid q, weighing just under 10lbs.

As a premium portable cardiovascular ultrasound machine, the Vivid iq has advanced quantification tools such as Tissue Velocity Imaging, Tissue Tracking, Tissue Synchronization, Strain Rate, AutoEF, AFI, AutoIMT, and RAW data.

The Vivid iq has 4D TEE and ICE transducer capabilities, a rare feature on portable ultrasound machines.

Providian Medical GE Vivid iq Review

The Vivid iq took a leap with the new interface, driven by touchscreen. The lack of a physical keyboard may be unpopular for some, but overall the system is easier to use and less complicated than any other mid- or high-end portable ultrasound machine. Image quality is superior, as expected from one of GE’s premium products. 

Imaging Modes 2D
Applications Cardiac, Vascular, OB/GYN, Abdominal, Pediatrics, General Imaging, TCD, Superficial, Small Parts, Breast, Anesthesia, Intraoperative, Emergency Medicine, Musculoskeletal, TEE
Features M-Mode, Color M-Mode, Tissue Tracking, B-Flow, Stress Echo, AutoEF, TEE, DICOM, Virtual Convex, Anatomical M-Mode, CW Doppler, Tissue Velocity M-Mode, Color Doppler, Auto Optimization, AutoIMT, IMT, PW Doppler, Scan Assistant, Speckle Reduction, Tissue Harmonics, Tissue Doppler
Year Built 2016-Current
Active Probe Ports 1
Video and Output Options HDMI, Ethernet, USB, Wireless
Monitor 15.6" Ultra-high Resolution LCD
Monitor Resolution 1920x1080
Touchscreen N/A
Dimensions 11.5 lbs, 2.5" x 15.5" x 14"
Export Options DICOM, External Hard Disk, MPEG, AVI, JPG, RAW, USB
USB Ports 5
DICOM Options Store, Print, Verify, Worklist, Commitment, MPPS, Query/Retrieve, Structured Reports
PC Export Formats AVI, MPEG, JPG
CD/DVD-R External
Ethernet Yes
Wireless Adapter
Power (USA) 100-240V, 50/60 Hz
Battery Yes
Trackball/Trackpad Trackball
HDD Size 128GB
Max Cine Memory 2GB
Maximum Depth (cm) 33
Max Frame Rate (FPS) 1,000
Accessories DVD-Recorder, DVR, Printer, Cart, Footswitch, External 1TB Hard Drive, ECG, VCR, CD/DVD R/W
Manufacturers GE

Q:Is the Vivid iq DICOM compatible?

A: Yes, the refurbished Vivid iq has extensive DICOM capabilities, including an integrated DICOM viewer?

Q:How does the touchscreen work?

A: The touchscreen operates with similar gestures that you would use on an iPad, tablet, or touchscreen computer to scroll, drag, zoom, among other items.

Q:What is “Q-Analysis”?

A: Q-Analysis is short for Quantitative Analysis. It includes quantitative assessment tools for LV (Left Ventricular) function. It includes assessment tools such as Tissue Velocity Imaging, Tissue Tracking, Tissue Synchronization Imaging, Strain, Strain Rate Imaging, and 2D Strain.

Q:What is Tissue Velocity Imaging?

A: TVI quantifies myocardial tissue motion.

Q:What is Tissue Tracking?

A: Tissue Tracking displays Tissue Velocity over time and displays a color band that represents motion or distance during systole, resulting in a display of systolic longitudinal displacement.

Q:What is Tissue Synchronization Imaging?

A: TSI on the used Vivid iq ultrasound is a parametric imaging tool based on Tissue Velocity Imaging that provides additional image enhancement for assessing delayed cardiac wall motion.

Q:What Is Strain Imaging?

A: Strain Imaging displays regional detection of myocardial contraction. It helps the clinician to analyze tissue contraction and myocardial function.

Q:What is Strain Rate Imaging?

A: It is typically used by researchers to measure percent of regional deformation of the myocardium... Strain Rate measures the speed of deformation, while Strain measures the percent of deformation.

Q:What is Automated Function Imaging?

A: AFI is a semi-automated measurement that displays peak longitudinal systolic strain as a bulls-eye display. It is a clinical support tool for measuring left ventricular function at rest.

Q:What is 2D Strain?

A: 2D Strain is a research tool that allows the analysis of complete myocardial motion throughout the entire myocardial motion throughout the heart cycle.

Q:Can I connect the GE Vivid iq portable ultrasound machine to my network to store my images or send them to a radiologist for review?

A: Yes, the Vivid iq has full network capabilities. Be sure to let your Providian Medical expert representative know in advance that you'll need DICOM.

Q:Can the GE Vivid iq perform Spectral Doppler, Color, and 2D imaging simultaneously (Triplex)?

A: Yes, the Vivid iq has triplex imaging capabilities.

Q:Can I do transesophageal imaging with the Vivid iq?

A: Yes, the Vivid iq supports two multiple TEE multiplane transducers, including a 4D volume TEE.

Q:What is CrossXBeam?

A: CrossXBeam on the GE Vivid iq portable ultrasound machine is also known as "compound imaging." CrossXBeam (pronounced Cross-Beam) allows the ultrasound transducer to see from multiple lines of site at different angles, as opposed to the traditional line-of-site that's perpendicular to the transducer lens.

Q:What is SRI Speckle Reduction Imaging?

A: Speckle Reduction Imaging on the GE Vivid iq uses a special software algorithm to identify body tissue and eliminate artifact. The result provides a clearer image with reduced artifact.

Q:What is Coded Harmonic Imaging?

A: Also known as Tissue Harmonic Imaging, this is a feature that allows tells the ultrasound to use a combination of high and low frequencies, which allows it to better identify body tissue, thereby improving image quality.

Q:What probes are compatible with the GE Vivid iq ultrasound unit?

A: GE 8L-RS, GE 8C-RS,GE 4C-RS, Accuson AcuNav 10F, GE 12L-RS, GE 5S-RS, GE 6S-5S, HR 7S-RS, GE 10S-RS, GE 6T-RS, GE 6Tc-RS, GE 9T-RS, GE P2D-RS, GE P6D-RS and the GE i12L-RS are all compatible with the GE Vivid iq ultrasound system.

Q:Do you offer service contracts for the GE Vivid iq ultrasound system?

A: Yes, Providian offers optional service packages with the purchase of the GE Vivid iq ultrasound equipment. You have the option of a 1, 2, 3, 4,or 5 year service agreement. Providian offers a discount for service agreements that last longer than one year. You also have the option to pursue a service contract with GE. A Providian refurbished GE Vivid iq ultrasound machine is guaranteed to be accepted for OEM services should you choose to do so.

Q:Can the GE Vivid iq ultrasound equipment be shipped internationally?

A: Providian can ship the GE Vivid iq ultrasound unit internationally and insured for customers outside of the US. Providian does abide by all trade laws and is restricted in some instances from shipping the GE Vivid iq to certain countries. Contact us today for more information.

Q:Can you provide me with the manual for the GE Vivid iq ultrasound machine available?

A: If you are interested in receiving the GE Vivid iq Ultrasound system manual, please contact Providian today. We have a large inventory of GE manuals and brochures and can assist you.

Q:Is the GE Vivid iq ultrasound unit compatible with 220 voltage?

A: The GE Vivid iq ultrasound machine can be converted and outfitted with the proper converter to ensure compatibility with 220 voltage.

Q:Does Providian Medical Offer leasing or financing options for the GE Vivid iq?

A: Yes, our financial department at Providian Medical will work with you and our lender partners to secure funding for you GE Vivid iq ultrasound machine purchase. We also offer leasing options for the GE Vivid iq Ultrasound System. Please contact Providian today about your financing needs and concerns.

Q:Would Providian be willing to buy a GE Vivid iq ultrasound machine? I have one that I am looking to sell.

A: Providian Medical is interested in purchasing used GE Vivid iq ultrasound equipment that can be refurbished to meet and exceed OEM specifications. Contact us today about selling Providian your GE Vivid iq ultrasound unit.

Step 1: Getting Started

GE Vivid iq portable ultrasound training videosThe GE Vivid iq is a complete redesign over GE’s previous portable cardiovascular ultrasound machines: the GE Vivid i and the GE Vivid q. As a touchscreen-driven system, learning to use the GE Vivid iq takes some time to get accustomed to the relocation of controls and its overall workflow.

Part 1 of our GE Vivid iq training series takes you through this new system and user interface.

Links to all the videos in this series can be found below the video. For more training videos, check out our Ultrasound Machine Training Library. Interested in purchasing a Vivid iq? Call us today at 877-661-8224.

Step 2: 2D Imaging/Optimization

Part 2 of our GE Vivid iq Training series steps into performing 2D imaging and image optimization. This video builds on the previous video, learning how to use the touchscreen swipes, gestures and control panels to help you achieve the best image possible.

Step 3: Measurements/Annotations

Part 3 of our GE Vivid iq training series shows the different ways you can use the comments and calc/measurement packages in an efficient manner. Because there is no keyboard, some find the methods somewhat inconvenient. However, there are ways to make it easier, including multiple ways of achieving the same task.

Step 4: Doppler/Strain/TVI

As the most powerful portable cardiovascular ultrasound machine on the market, the Vivid iq has many features that are found on a console machine. Part 4 of our Vivid iq training shows how to use Doppler, as well as how to activate the various advanced quantification packages.

Step 5: Review/Export/Report

The GE Vivid iq can export images to USB, Network, and DICOM/PACS. This video covers reviewing images, comparing images, creating a report and exporting. Before exporting to a DICOM/PACS, you’ll need to view Part 7 of this training series, which covers setting up the network and DICOM connectivity.

Step 6: System Setup

The GE Vivid iq has extensive system setup and customization options. As a touchscreen-based system, proper setup can help improve your workflow and make your exams more efficient. In this part of our video training I cover all the various screens and pages with explanations of the more important system setup features.

Step 7: DICOM Setup

DICOM setup on the GE Vivid iq system can be quite difficult, and the user manual isn’t helpful in getting you connected properly. While it is quite powerful and allows you to do many things, following the correct steps will save you, quite literally, hours of frustration. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully as the steps don’t follow the workflow that seems natural on the Setup pages.

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  • 90 Day warranty with extended warranty options
  • Loaner systems available for service emergencies
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