Building on the popular Vivid 7 with 4D and multi-dimensional imaging, the GE Vivid 7 Dimension ultrasound provides excellent image quality and the performance you need for achieving real-time, 4D cardiac imaging. The Vivid 7 Dimension ultrasound takes a large step ahead of its predecessor and continues to reign as one of the top, most adored cardiac ultrasound machines.

The Vivid 7 Dimension’s image quality has been taken to new levels, as well as its ungated and unspliced (4D or real-time) image acquisition and processing capabilities. You can find high frame rates, raw data image quality, Coded Octave Harmonics optimized with contrast imaging, and multi-plane acquisition technology.

Some other advanced ultrasound imaging technologies in the GE Vivid 7 Dimension include:

  • Automated Function Imaging (AFI)
  • Advanced Tissue Synchronization Imaging (TSI)
  • IMT vascular analysis tool
  • Anatomical M-Mode
  • Color Doppler
  • Multi-dimensional imaging for simultaneously acquiring bi-plane and tri-plane images without moving the ultrasound probe

With regards to its image processing techniques and ease-of-use, the GE Vivid 7 Dimension features flexible reporting packages, fast pull-down menus for automatically sorting information, customizable normal report values, DICOM connectivity, and more.

Since its first release, the Vivid 7 Dimension ultrasound became and remained the most well-known and top premium cardiac ultrasound machine for sale.

Providian Medical’s Expert Review:

The GE Vivid 7 Dimension is a Best Buy refurbished ultrasound system. The  Vivid 7 “Dimension” release builds on the popular, top-rated Vivid 7 ultrasound by adding 4D multidimensional imaging, as well as host of technologies that come with it. GE sees 4D cardiac as the future of cardiac ultrasound technology, particularly due to the time it saves during an exam and its added efficiency.

The refurbished Vivid 7 cardiovascular ultrasound, simply put, will provide you premium cardiovascular imaging for the lowest price. 

Talk to one of our sales experts about whether the original Vivid 7 or the Vivid 7 Dimension is best for you!