The GE Venue 50 point-of-care tablet-style ultrasound machine is the second-generation and more advanced version of the GE Venue 40 handheld ultrasound machine.

The biggest news about the Venue 50 is that it no longer needs a stylus for operation. The stylus on the Venue 40 could sometimes get in the way of imaging and it’s a less efficient way to scan. The Venue 50 also runs the 10c-SC microconvex probe.

Additionally, the Venue 50 adds an optional multi-transducer connector that allows you to have multiple probes connected while attached to the docking station.

The Venue 50 is designed for specific markets, often known as “Point of Care” situations. This includes bedside ultrasound use for items such as vascular access, anesthesia, interventional, MSK, and basic cardiac function.

The Venue 50 is a tablet-based portable ultrasound unit that has excellent image quality and is very small and lightweight.

The Venue 50 has CrossXBeam and Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI) technologies, providing excellent image quality.

Providian Medical Expert Venue 50 Ultrasound Review

This is a somewhat minor, but nice upgrade to the Venue 40 tablet ultrasound machine. The big reason to buy the Venue 50 it is the touchscreen and improved user experience. The stylus was difficult to use and it gets in the way. The touchscreen operation is a very nice improvement that can really improve workflow.