The used NextGen Logiq e is a mid-to-upper range portable ultrasound machine that is designed specifically for the point-of-care market. It has special probes, software, and features created for the Anesthesiology, Head and Neck, MSK, Point-of-Care, and rheumatology markets.

nextgen-ge-logiq-e-quad-button-linear-transducerAmong the most notable features is a linear probe that features 4 user-programable buttons on the probe, virtually eliminating the need for a second technician. Most applicable for needle-guidance, the new L12-4t transducer has 2 buttons on the front and 2 buttons on the side of the probe. These user-configurable buttons can be set to perform a wide variety of functions on the probe instead of using a footswitch or making adjustments on the system. These functions include settings such as freeze, print, save, depth, gain, change imaging mode, and more. This allows for a drastically more efficient workflow in the point-of-care environment where a physician typically performs the scan.

Also available on the NextGen GE Logiq e are two transducers that can reach up to 22MHz. The L18-8i and L10-22 probes provide high resolution 2D for nearfield imaging. GE also improved its power Doppler capabilities with these probes, which create very high resolution Power Doppler angio imaging in the nearfield.

For a shared service GE Logiq e that performs OB/GYN, Cardiac, and other modalities, view the New GE Logiq e BT12 or Refurbished GE Logiq e.

Providian Medical GE NextGen Logiq e Review:

It’s important to note that, for some, this is not the next logical upgrade to a GE Logiq e, Mindray M7, or Chison Q9 portable ultrasound machine. Specifically, unless you’re in one of the categories listed (Point of Care, Rheumatology, MSK, Anesthesia, etc), a GE Logiq e BT12 or other machine may be the better solution. The NextGen Logiq e is not designed for typical vascular, cardiac, OB/GYN or other such studies. The NextGen Logiq e was specifically designed for point-of-care markets, has specific probes for this market, and is optimized for this markets. Outside of the bedside ultrasound market, the NextGen Logiq e does not provide the presets, probes or measurement/analysis packages needed to perform these studies. That being said, the 4-button probe, high frequency linear probes, and software advancements make this an excellent consideration for those in the bedside ultrasound market.