The refurbished GE Logiq P9 is a lightweight bedside ultrasound machine designed for ease-of-use and fast diagnosis, while still providing full diagnostic capabilities for nearly all studies.

Although it is marketed as a point-of-care ultrasound machine, the P9 is a full shared-service system with cardiac, stress echo, tissue velocity, tissue Doppler, elastography and 3D/4D obstetric imaging.

The used Logiq P9 is a very versatile ultrasound machine. Although it’s not necessarily as easy to move as a portable machine, it provides the ergonomics, lightweight design and mobility to allow it to move from room-to-room very easily.

The Logiq P9 includes the latest of many of GE’s advanced image optimization technologies, including SRI HD, CrossXBeam and Coded Harmonics Imaging.

Providian Medical GE Logiq P9 Review:

The P9 is considered a high-end, newer, upgraded version of the P5… but only in name. These systems are not from the same mold. The P9 has newer hardware, beamformers, and operating system. The P9 is also easier to use and transport, more powerful, and more advanced in nearly every fashion. Although it is advertised as a Point-of-Care (or bedside) ultrasound machine, this is a good choice for offices as well as hospitals needing a small-footprint, economical ultrasound machine at a good price.