The refurbished GE Logiq e9 is the successor and a completely redesigned version of the GE’s previous flagship product, the GE Logiq 9. It represents a culmination of GE’s best imaging and ergonomics.

GE started fresh with the used GE Logiq e9, creating a new ultrasound from the ground-up using the latest in computer processing, transducer, and software technology. And they did a great job. It produces outstanding image quality while greatly increasing the technician’s efficiency. Add the new ergonomic and lightweight transducers and you have the most innnovative premium ultrasound available.

The Logiq e9 is a shared service ultrasound, including 4D, cardiac TEE, and GE’s latest and most advanced premium ultrasound technology.

Later versions of the e9 include XDClear and XDClear 2.0 technology as well as probes with internal VNav, which provides GPS markers for better guidance. XDClear transducers include single-crystal technology that improves 2D, 3D and 4D resolution and penetration. ShearWave Elastography is also included with XDClear transducers.

Providian Medical’s Expert Comment:

While there are fantastic imaging enhancements on the GE Logiq e9, a lot of time went into ergonomics, efficiency and ease-of-use. Over time, GE has developed and improved upon its Scan Assistant. This is a bit of an underrated feature. It will autosteer color Doppler and set up imaging controls and modes, initiates and autocompletes measurements based on the study you’re performing, automatically sets up imaging modes and controls based on the measurement, and automatically inserts annotations on the image. These seemingly minor additions greatly improve a sonographer’s workflow… few adjustments, no typing, and no selecting measurements. The sonographer sets up his/her workflow, and the Logiq e9 automagically goes through the process … the tech will simply accept or reject its annotations and measurements.