The refurbished GE Logiq e10 is a premium shared service ultrasound machine designed for advanced functionality and usage. The major advancement over the Logiq e9 is the cSound architecture that features a powerful and fast processor that acquires and reconstructs data similar to how CT and MRI machines work.

Its new cSound architecture provides 10 times the processing power over previous GE ultrasound machines. With this power, GE has eliminated the need for focal zones because it can process the entire image at its highest resolution without losing frame rates or image quality.

The Logiq e10 is a full shared service ultrasound machine, including 3D/4D OB/GYN as well as advanced adult and pediatric cardiac including transducers for TEE, Intraoperative and Interventional procedures.

The used GE Logiq e10 also adds interaction with tablet devices for remote control use. Its new Photo Assistant application for Android devices allows clinicians to photograph relevant anatomy of the patient and transfer it to the ultrasound machine to include with the patient study. Additionally, this is the first ultrasound machine to incorporate AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies into its architecture, similar to that found in driverless cars and the next generation of 3D video gaming.

Other key highlights of the e10 include Shear Wave elastography, Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound, Data Security, Strain Imaging, AutoEF, 3D GPS/Fusion Needle Guidance, Flow Quantification, and Cloud Connectivity with Trace Imaging’s Tracify software.

Providian Medical GE Logiq e10 Review:

According to GE, this is a major advancement in ultrasound imaging. When it was released, its cSound architecture provides for the most powerful and fastest ultrasound radiology machine on the market. The processing power of cSound allows it to eliminate the use of focal zones, which is a fairly significant advancement as it will provide high quality throughout the entire ultrasound image. This is an excellent ultrasound, but it is also a premium ultrasound that comes with a premium price. For a refurbished Logiq e10, prices will become more reasonable.