The refurbished GE Logiq e vet for bovine and equine studies is a high-end veterinary ultrasound machine for farm animals, bovine, equine and swine. It is most often used for cardiology and equine sports medicine, but is also used for reproduction in bovine, equine, and swine.

Refurbished Logiq e bovine and equine portable veterinary ultrasound systems for sale have options for Speckle Reduction Imaging, CrossXBeam, a wide variety of transducers, DICOM, and CW Doppler for cardiac veterinary ultrasound imaging.

Providian Medical’s Expert Ultrasound Review

Those familiar with the Logiq e ultrasound are likely to recommend it to their peers. And for a good reason… it’s a good system with very good image quality. It offers full shared-services capabilities allowing it to be a  full-body bovine/equine/swine large animal portable ultrasound machine. 

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