A refurbished GE LOGIQ Book XP vet portable ultrasound machine has long been a staple in portable veterinary ultrasound. For years, the Logiq Book XP has been popular and known to be a solid, durable vet ultrasound machine with good image quality and good price in the mid-range market.

With Tissue Harmonic imaging and a variety of transducers for the small and large animal market. Applications for the LogiqBook XP vet include: veterinary emergency care, abdominal, cardiology and radiology imaging. With its linear transducer, the used Logiq Book XP vet for sale is also popular for equine sports medicine with its excellent visualization of tendons.

Providian Medical Expert Ultrasound Review

Like most GE portable ultrasound machines, the LogiqBook XP is a safe choice. It provides good image quality for a mid-range price portable vet ultrasound machine. It is durable, there are many parts available, probes are inexpensive, and the image quality is surprisingly good for this used veterinary ultrasound machine.