The refurbished Esaote MyLab Twice includes two ultrasound machines… a point-of-care tablet-style portable ultrasound as well as a premium console ultrasound machine. The MyLab Sat operates as the tablet-style/”arm-held” portable ultrasound machine (similar to theĀ Esaote MyLab One) and a full premium console machine (similar to MyLab ClassC). It is considered a “hybrid” machine, although it operates as two separate ultrasound units. The portable ultrasound machine for the Esaote MyLab Twice is the MyLab Sat satellite module.

The used Esaote MyLab Twice has options for all of Esaote’s advanced imaging technologies, transducers, and portable ultrasound technology.

Providian Medical Expert Ultrasound Review:

This is a two-piece ultrasound machine and was the first of its kind at its product launch. The MyLab Twice is ideal for many situations in which both a portable and advanced premium console unit is required. It represents all of Biosound Esaote’s advancements in technology and advanced measurement and analysis packages.

There are more than 40 transducers available for the MyLab Twice, including the iQProbe Appleprobes.