The used Esaote MyLab Alpha is Biosound-Esoate’s first laptop-sized portable ultrasound machine. It is also the first of its kind with a 16-inch LCD monitor that tilts and swivels, as well as an HD touchscreen on the main user interface. ¬†Another key feature is its two active probe ports, which is hard-to-find on portable ultrasounds.

The refurbished MyLab Alpha is an advanced shared service portable ultrasound machine with many of Esaote’s best imaging technologies. Its cardiac package has options for integrated stress echo, strain imaging and TEE. The MyLab Alpha portable ultrasound machine has wireless networking capabilities and is compatible with some of Esaote’s iQprobes, also known as “appleprobes”.

Providian Medical Expert Ultrasound Review

The MyLab Alpha point-of-care ultrasound is a truly unique design that will likely set a new standard for portable ultrasound design. The tilt-and-swivel monitor and touchscreen give this a user interface that is more ergonomic, easier-to-use and is much more user-friendly than other portable ultrasounds. As a bonus, two key features are its dual active probe ports and shared service capabilities.