The refurbished Esaote MyLab 70 XVG and XVision are part of the MyLab GOLD series of ultrasound systems from Esaote, which are designed to satisfy special medical requests from physicians.

The GOLD series features a modular architecture that is customizable via a full set of options that are customized to your needs. The used MyLab 70 XVision and XVG are designed to be the most cost-efficient advanced ultrasound systems by only including modalities and applications that are needed by the owner.

The MyLab 70 XVision and XVG offer a large range of transducers, including hard-to-find transducers such as Bi-Plane rectal, TEE, intraoperative T-Shape linear, articulating Laproscopic, and pencil high frequency CW array.

Providian Medical’s Esaote MyLab 70 Ultrasound Review

The image quality of the MyLab 70 Gold ultrasound machines offer one of the largest ranges of probes for a mid-high range ultrasound machine. It can run many of the older Biosound Esaote ultrasound probes, as well as all the new appleprobe and other recently manufactured transducers.