The refurbished cart-based ¬†MyLab 50 and MyLab 50 XVision ultrasound machines are Esaote’s mid-range shared-service ultrasound machines. The MyLab 50 is designed to be a reasonably priced shared-service ultrasound.

The MyLab 50 and MyLab 50 XVision include high end imaging technologies such as stress echo, TEE, 3D/4D obstetrics, strain imaging, and is compatible with more than 30 transducers for nearly every study, including Esaote’s ergonomic appleprobes.

Providian Medical’s Expert Ultrasound Review

Esaote ultrasound systems are particularly good at cardiac, vascular, and superficial imaging. The used MyLab ultrasound systems are excellent for orthopedic, breast, small parts, venous and other modalities requiring excellent nearfield resolution. The cross-compatibility of transducers across many of the MyLab systems make the MyLab 50 a great choice for those looking to upgrade or add to their current Esaote ultrasound machine.