The used Esaote MyLab 40 and MyLab 40 Cardiovascular ultrasound machines are Esaote’s value cart-based ultrasound systems. The MyLab 40 is available as a dedicated Cardiovascular ultrasound, or can be configured as a shared service ultrasound.

As a budget mid-range refurbished ultrasound, the Esaote MyLab 40 is extremely versatile with modular upgradability, and it’s compatible with more than 30 Esaote transducers, including the ergonomic appleprobe models.

Refurbished MyLab 40 ultrasounds can be configured with integrated stress echo, as well as many of Esaote’s advanced imaging technologies.

Providian Medical’s Expert Ultrasound Review:

The refurbished MyLab 40 is a lightweight, low-cost version of the more advanced MyLab 50 ultrasound machine. It is best for lower-volume situations and offices that need a more compact ultrasound for their exam room.