The used MyLab 25 Gold is Esaote’s premium OB/GYN/Vascular portable ultrasound machine. In addition to advanced imaging technologies, the Esaote MyLab 25 Gold features Real-Time 4D obstetric imaging that is popular for “babyface” and diagnostic ultrasound.

A refurbished MyLab 25 Gold features a 15″ high resolution TFT, ergonomic user interface, and Esaote’s premium imaging technologies such as XView speckle reduction, Tissue Enhancement, and M-View Compound Imaging. The advanced OB/GYN package includes X4D real-time 4D technology.

Providian Medical Expert Ultrasound Review

This is Esaote’s premium portable unit that’s designed for advanced OB/GYN/Vascular features. It’s often a lower-priced alternative to the MyLab 30 Gold when cardiac imaging is not required. The MyLab25 is popular for superficial imaging, such as anesthesia, vascular, venous, pain management, and needle guidance. Biosound Esaote has become very popular for superficial imaging because of its high frequency transducers.