The used Esaote MyLab 20-plus is a low-cost black and white ultrasound designed for offices and ultrasound departments. It is upgradeable to color Doppler as well as full shared service capabilities with CW Doppler.

A refurbished MyLab 20 Plus is a compact, lightweight cart-based ultrasound machine with a 17″ LCD screen. Additionally, 4D imaging is available on the MyLab 20 Plus.

Providian Medical Expert Ultrasound Review

A used Esaote MyLab 20 or MyLab 20 Plus is a general small-office or light-use ultrasound machine at a good price. This is a great machine for small OB/GYN or urology offices. It is compatible with more than 15 transducers, including a bi-plane rectal transducer and some of the ergonomic appleprobes.