The new Edan Acclarix AX7 is a mid-range portable laptop-style ultrasound machine featuring a tilt & swivel monitor, touchscreen interface, and solid imaging performance.

Ideal for radiology, MSK, vascular and other non-cardiac applications, the new Edan Acclarix AX7 features many advanced features for connectivity, video output and a high-tech look. With other technologies such as a very good Speckle Reduction Filter, excellent auto image optimization, HDMI output, and intuitive programmable touchscreen interface, this is among the more technologically advanced portable ultrasounds on the market.

The Acclarix features a 15″ tilt/swivel monitor, 10″ gesture-controlled touchscreen (programmable), and 5″ virtual trackball.

Providian Medical Edan Acclarix AX7 Ultrasound Review:

This is Edan’s most advanced ultrasound machine to date. We liked the AX7 particularly for its performance in vascular imaging. In general, it is one of the better performers for overall vascular imaging and it has very good penetration for deep arterial and venous studies. In a crowded mid-range market, the Acclarix AX7 stands out in a few ways and differentiates itself with the tilt/swivel monitor, programmable touchscreen interface, and overall usability.