The New Chison SonoBook 9 laptop-style ultrasound machine is Chison’s most advanced portable cardiovascular ultrasound machine. Its most notable breakthroughs are with advanced cardiac and vascular imaging, however, the SonoBook also operates as a very good shared service portable ultrasound.

At its release in 2017, the new SonoBook 9 became the most versatile and most affordable high-end portable ultrasound machine. Its most notable qualities are image quality, speed, and price.

Image quality for cardiology ranks among the best portable ultrasounds out there, and it includes stress echo, IMT, structured reports, and among the highest frame rates seen on any portable cardiovascular ultrasound machine.

With an internal Solid State hard drive, the SonoBook portable ultrasound machine is among the fastest machines we tested. Saving loops, changing modes, adjusting image quality, exporting, etc, are all nearly instantaneous, with almost no lag saving long cine clips (prospective and retrospective).

The price of the SonoBook is less expensive than its closest competitors: the Mindray M9, Philips CX50, and GE Vivid iq. In comparisons to slightly lower-priced ultrasound machines, the SonoBook’s cardiac imaging was quite a bit better than the Chison EBit, Mindray M7GE Logiq e, GE Vivid e, GE Vivid i, and SonoScape S8 Expert.

The SonoBook has a durable build and includes many advanced imaging features including: compound imaging, needle visualization, stress echo, speckle reduction imaging, IMT, Tissue Doppler, and prospective/retrospective cineloop saving.

This is Chison’s first laptop-style system, and it’s built with durability and portability in mind for a mobile shared service ultrasound machine. We find the durability and design to be similar to Mindray and better than offerings from GE’s Vivid and Logiq portable ultrasound machines.

The new Chison SonoBook also carries an extended warranty, which gives it a strong edge over new or refurbished similarly priced offerings from other high-end advanced portable cardiovascular ultrasound machines.

Providian Medical Chison SonoBook Ultrasound Review

The SonoBook marks Chison’s entrance into the high-end portable ultrasound machines. Its focus was to bring excellent cardiac imaging into a more affordable price range. Our first tests in 2016/2017 concluded that the SonoBook’s closest competitors are the advanced (and much more expensive) systems from GE and Philips. The SonoBook’s pricing was designed to be lower than refurbished models of the high-end portables from Philips and GE.

We feel Chison hit a sweet-spot of image quality, price, and speed on this system. It is an excellent choice for mobile companies and clinics where excellent image quality is required, but have budgets that previously forced them to purchased refurbished or lower-end new portable ultrasounds.