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Type: Abdominal Emergency Medicine General Imaging Small Parts

The new Chison SonoBook 6 portable shared service ultrasound machine is a laptop-style ultrasound machine designed for the Point of Care market and mobile applications.

The SonoBook 6 is similar in image quality and features to the Chison EBit 50, but also has CW Doppler for cardiac imaging. Its design makes it more ideal for the bedside ultrasound market (Point of Care) with its solid alloy casing and smaller, lightweight design.

It has advanced features such as Compound Imaging, Speckle Reduction Imaging, SuperNeedle (Needle Visualization), Elastography, AutoIMT, Tissue Doppler, HIP Graph, and full DICOM with Structured Reporting. Its internal battery allows for up to 2 hours of scan time.

Providian Medical Chison SonoBook 6 Ultrasound Review:

The SonoBook 6 is a very economical choice for a new portable ultrasound machine. It’s a good option to consider when looking at systems such as the refurbished GE Logiq e or SonoSite M-Turbo ultrasound machines. Because you can purchase this as a new system, it comes with an extended warranty and is in the same price range. It is also a good alternative to the SonoScape X5.

Imaging Modes 2D
Applications Emergency Medicine, Anesthesia, Breast, Small Parts, Superficial, Musculoskeletal, OB/GYN, Abdominal, General Imaging, Vascular, Pediatrics
Features Auto Optimization, Color Doppler, AutoIMT, Compound Imaging, DICOM, IMT, M-Mode, Power Doppler, PW Doppler, Speckle Reduction, Tissue Harmonics
Year Built 2018-Current
Active Probe Ports 1
Video and Output Options USB, Ethernet, DVI, S-Video
Monitor 15" HD LED
Touchscreen N/A
Dimensions 12 lbs, 14" x 14" x 3"
Export Options USB, BMP, JPG, AVI, Network Storage, DICOM
USB Ports 2
DICOM Options Store, Print, Worklist, MPPS, Structured Reports
PC Export Formats BMP, JPG, AVI
Ethernet Yes
Wireless Yes
Power (USA) 100-240V, 50/60 Hz
Battery Yes
Trackball/Trackpad Trackball
HDD Size 320GB
Max Cine Memory 256 Frames
Maximum Depth (cm) 30
Accessories Cart, Battery Pack, ECG, Printer, SonoDock, Second Battery, Wireless Adapter
Manufacturers Chison

Q:Is this a laptop or two-probe portable ultrasound machine like many of Chison's other machines?

A: The new SonoBook ultrasounds from Chison feature a single-probe connector and a lightweight laptop design for better portability.

Q:Is Chison a reliable brand?

A: Yes! Reliability is one of the key reasons we carry the Chison Brand. Because Providian Medical handles the service issues, it's very important for us to have a brand that we can stand behind. In the many years we've carried Chison ultrasound machines, they have few service issues. It's simply not economical for us to carry machines that are not reliable.

Q:Is the SonoBook 6 made from plastic?

A: While ultrasound machines have some plastic in their design, the SonoBook has a strong alloy casing for better durability. Most importantly on a portable is the exterior shell and general skeleton of the machine. The SonoBook systems are very durable.

Q:How does the new Chison SonoBook compare to the GE Logiq e and SonoSite M-Turbo?

A: The SonoBook competes most closely with a refurbished GE Logiq e. The M-Turbo has a much smaller and lightweight design and does not have as many features or settings. While they're both good, the SonoBook 6 is similar in price but also new with warranty.

Q:Can I export images to PC Format or DICOM?

A: Yes, the SonoBook can export to USB, external hard drive, or network in PC and DICOM formats.

Q:Does it have structured reportingr?

A: Yes, the SonoBook has DICOM SR as well as other DICOM modalities.

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Chison SonoBook 6
Chison SonoBook 6 Ultrasound Machine


  • 90 Day warranty with extended warranty options
  • Loaner systems available for service emergencies
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