The new Chison QBit color Doppler ultrasound for sale is Chison’s cart-based ultrasound machine featuring its highest-end technologies for 2D, 4D, and Doppler imaging.

The QBit is a shared-service ultrasound machine, featuring excellent image quality in all modalities. It has a wide variety of transducers, including an 18MHz linear transducer and bi-plane rectal transducer.

QBit ultrasound machines feature the latest in technologies from Chison. Besides the standard compound imaging, harmonics, and speckle reduction imaging, Chison has developed special contrast technologies for improved 2D imaging, Q-Beam for higher frame rates in color flowDoppler and Q-Flow for improved color sensitivity.

4D obstetric imaging is solid on the QBit, and performs well for offices wanting to offer 4D imaging to its patients. The 4D imaging has a virtualHD function, providing a more realistic view of the baby.

Providian Medical’s Chison QBit Ultrasound Review

We remain impressed with Chison’s innovation, and the QBit is no exception. The QBit is definitely a step-up over the portable machines in all modalities. We found its cardiac to be very capable, and all other images to be clear and true.

This is an excellent cart-based ultrasound machine. Priced in the mid-range, we found the image quality to be competitive with those machines that are at least $10,000.