The new Chison Q9 ultrasound machine is Chison’s high-end portable shared service color Doppler ultrasound machine. In addition to CW Doppler, it also has 4D technology with solid frame rates and very good image quality. Chison also introduced VirtualHD 4D imaging, which is similar to GE’s HDLive 4D imaging technology.

A three-year warranty on the system, exclusive to Providian Medical, is something to strongly consider when comparing to other ultrasound systems in its class.

In addition to solid imaging performance, compound imaging, speckle reduction and 4D imaging, the Q9 has incorporated some more advanced imaging capabilities. Elastography and Needle Enhancement software.

As the more advanced sibling to the Chison Q5, the Q9 adds some features that are not available on the Q5. These include CW Doppler, TDI, Steered M-Mode, ECG, 2D Steering, QuadPlex (autotrace with color, spectral PW, and 2D imaging), and Color M-Mode. An 18-MHz linear probe is also very attractive for those performing superficial imaging.

Providian Medical Chison Q9 Portable Ultrasound Review:

When compared to others in its price range, the Q9 ranks among the top systems. It has its strengths where it outperforms others, particularly with the 18MHz probe for superficial imaging.  

Additionally, we’ve tested the 4D imaging capabilities on live patients and found that this was the first new system in its price range to have truly good 4D obstetric imaging. In the past, competitors have produced simply passable 4D systems, but none that could truly be used as solid “babyface” ultrasound machines.

The 3-year System warranty makes this among the most attractive mid-upper range portable ultrasound machines. Typically a 3-year warranty on such a system would cost nearly the price of the ultrasound. Instead, it’s just slightly higher priced than its nearest competitor. This is arguably the best bargain in its price range.