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Product Highlights

Type: Vascular Venous General Imaging OB/GYN Cardiac

The refurbished Canon-Toshiba Aplio i600 is a shared-service ultrasound machine that has some advanced features that are seen in its sibling ultrasounds, the Aplio i700 and Aplio i800 ultrasound machines.

The used Aplio i600 has full shared service capabilities, some of which are not found on similar machines in its price range. This includes ShearWave Elastography, 4D Obstetric imaging with “Luminance” (similar to GE’s HDLive), SmartFusion that merges real-time ultrasound images with previously acquired images (from CT, MR, or ultrasound), Clinical Protocol Assistant, Stress Echo, and cardiac with Motion Wall Tracking.

It is ergonomically designed with a fully articulating monitor, height-adjustable console of 36cm, and a touchscreen with tablet-style gesture interface. It can also be operated remotely from a wireless tablet.

Providian Medical Canon Aplio i600 Ultrasound Review

Canon’s acquisition of Toshiba didn’t seem to have much affect on the products. Known for exceptional image quality, it appears the user interface was improved in the Aplio line of products, which was long overdue. Expect good performance out of this ultrasound machine.

Imaging Modes 3D/4D, 2D
Applications Vascular, Venous, Cardiac, Small Parts, Superficial, Musculoskeletal, OB/GYN, General Imaging, Breast, Abdominal, Anesthesia, Pediatrics, Urology
Features 3D/4D, Advanced 4D, 4D Virtual HD (HDLive), Auto Optimization, Anatomical M-Mode, AutoDoppler, AutoIMT, Color M-Mode, PW Doppler, CW Doppler, Stress Echo, Strain, Tissue Doppler, Scan Assistant, Speckle Reduction, Compound Imaging, DICOM, Tissue Harmonics, IMT, MicroVascular Imaging, Needle Visualization
Year Built 2018-Present
Active Probe Ports 4
Touchscreen Yes
Export Options USB, DICOM
DICOM Options Print, Store, Worklist, MPPS, Structured Reports
Ethernet Yes
Manufacturers Canon, Toshiba

Q:What is SMI imaging?

A: SMI delivers a high frame rates for advanced vascular visualization when evaluating patients for lesions, cysts and tumors.

Q:How does Smart Fusion work?

A: Smart Fusion makes it possible work in multiple imaging modes, including color Doppler and CEUS. The resulting quad display shows live ultrasound images perfectly synced with multiple views of pre-loaded data.

Q:What is iBeam technology?

A: iBeam delivers clear visualizations of biopsy needles. The imaging works with all needle sizes and chooses the optimal enhancement automatically.

Q:Would Providian be interested in buying a Toshiba Aplio i600? I have one that I am looking to sell.

A: Providian Medical is looking to purchase qualified ultrasound systems that can be fully refurbished and restored to exceed OEM specifications. To learn more about selling us your system, please contact us for a free price quote.

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Canon Aplio i600
Toshiba Aplio i600 ultrasound machine


  • 90 Day warranty with extended warranty options
  • Loaner systems available for service emergencies
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