Canon Ultrasound Machines For Sale

Formerly Toshiba Medical Systems, Canon Medical Systems is now the brand of high-tech ultrasound machines formerly known as Toshiba ultrasound machines. These include the platforms of systems Aplio, Xario, and Viamo ultrasound systems, which range from basic to high end shared service ultrasound machines.

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Toshiba Aplio i600 ultrasound machine
Canon Aplio i600

The refurbished Canon-Toshiba Aplio i600 is a shared-service ultrasound machine that has some advanced features that are seen [...]

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Canon Toshiba Aplio 300

The used Canon Aplio 300 Platinum and Aplio 300 CV color Doppler ultrasound machines represent the more affordable versions [...]

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Canon Toshiba Aplio 400

A refurbished Canon Aplio 400 is a slightly more feature-laden shared service color Doppler ultrasound machine than the [...]

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Canon Toshiba Aplio i700

The used Canon Aplio i700 was designed to help technicians deliver high quality care in the shortest possible period of time. [...]

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Canon Toshiba Aplio i800

The refurbished Canon Aplio i800 delivers incredible image clarity that increases productivity and improves diagnostic [...]

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Canon Toshiba Xario 100

The refurbished Canon Xario 100 ultrasound machine is part of Canon Toshiba’s mid-range ultrasounds designed for [...]

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Canon Toshiba Xario 200

The refurbished Canon Xario 200 shared service ultrasound machine is a mid-range lightweight used ultrasound machine. The [...]

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