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The refurbished BK Flex Focus 800 ultrasound system offers high resolution imaging designed for use in even the most complex surgery situations. Designed with advanced imaging technologies and a small footprint, the Flex Focus 800 is a smart choice for many different applications.

The used Flex Focus 800 ultrasound system features a high resolution 19″ monitor and very good Color Doppler for impressive spatial resolution and sensitivity. With advanced imaging technologies like Motion Compensated Angular Compound Imaging (MACI) for high quality real-time images and Automatic Mode Adjustment (AMA) for optimized B-mode imaging, the Flex Focus 800 delivers incredible control in high resolution imaging.

The Flex Focus 800 is compact enough to fit into any OR and includes four hours of continuous use on a full battery charge. The console also features an intuitive user interface and Wifi compatibility for easy printing and archiving of important images and convenient one-button control transducers for the most efficient scanning.

Q:Which transducers are compatible with the BK Flex Focus 800?

A: The system is compatible with a large selection of BK transducers, including the Linear Array, Curved Array, Robotic Drop-In Ultrasound, Endure Curved Array, Prostate Biplane and more.

Q:Is the BK Flex Focus 800 portable?

A: Yes, the system features a compact design and is easy to move from room to room.

Q:What types of surgeries can the BK Flex Focus 800 be used for?

A: The system can be used in many different high-end surgical situations, including intraoperative and laparoscopic surgery, robotic surgery, neurosurgery and colorectal surgery.

Q:Would Providian be interested in buying a BK Flex Focus 800? I have one that I am looking to sell.

A: Providian Medical is looking to purchase qualified ultrasound systems that can be fully refurbished and restored to exceed OEM specifications. To learn more about selling us your system, please contact us for a free price quote.

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BK Flex Focus 800
BK Flex Focus 800 ultrasound machine


  • 90 Day warranty with extended warranty options
  • Loaner systems available for service emergencies
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