The refurbished BK SonixSP Q+ is a 3D/4D general imaging ultrasound machine. The SonixSP Q+ is for clinics and small offices looking for a solid imaging machine with 3D/4D OB/GYN ultrasound machine capabilities.

The used SonixSP Q+ includes advanced imaging technologies, such as compound imaging, tissue harmonics, and speckle reduction imaging. The used BK Analogic SonixSP Q+ also includes the unique features found on BK ultrasound systems, such as SonixGPS, SonixHUB, and SonixDVR.

In addition to OB/GYN, the BK Sonix SP Q+ ultrasound for sale is used for anesthesia, emergency medicine, endocrinology, breast and MSK exams.

Providian Medical BK SonixSP Q+ Ultrasound Review

The Sonix SP is a solid ultrasound unit like the other BK Analogic ultrasound machines. It differs from others in the Sonix line in that it is not shared service as the SonixMDP Q+, but offers high quality and 3D/4D imaging at a lower price cost.