A refurbished BK Analogic SonixOne Q+ is a point-of-care ultrasound machine that can be mounted to a wall, ceiling, cart, or can be placed on any flat surface.

With its high resolution superficial imaging, the used SonixOne is touchscreen-based and excellent in surgical, oocyte retrievals for IVF, biopsy guidance in interventional suites, fine-needle aspiration, and specialty applications such as podiatry and MSK.

Unlike other mountable ultrasound machines, the BK SonixOne Q+ features two transducer ports, allowing for a more versatile set of applications and ease-of-use.

Providian Medical BK Analogic SonixOne Ultrasound Review

BK went after the SonoSite S-Series with the SonixOne Q+. However the SonixOne is a more versatile ultrasound machine that can be used for multiple applications and features two transducer ports.

This is also an excellent system, with an aggressive price designed for small clinics with a limited budget.

The BK SonixOne is also named the Analogic SonixOne and the Analogic SonixOne Q+. In international markets, the SonixOne is also known as the SonixTablet.