The refurbished BK SonixMDP Q+ is Analogic’s premium ultrasound machine, which offers its top technology options of all the BK Analogic line of ultrasound machines. The used Sonix MDP Q+ for sale has full shared service capabilities and advanced imaging technologies such as Spatial Compounding, EPI, Pulse Inversion Harmonics, Trapezoidal Imaging, Panoramic, 3D/4D obstetrics and cardiac.

The price of used BK Analogic SonixMDP Q+ can be very affordable when available on the market. Contact a Providian Medical sales expert today for a free price quote on the SonixMDP ultrasound system today!

Providian Medical BK SonixMDP Q+ Ultrasound Review

This is BK’s flagship product in the Analogic Sonix line of ultrasound machines. It incorporates their top technologies, some of which are not found on any other ultrasound machine. The SonixGPS and SonixCam are unique to the ultrasound market and are particularly helpful in teaching situations. While these are somewhat rare on the ultrasound machine market, we can locate used BK systems for sale, refurbish them and provide them to you at the best price.