The refurbished Acuson X700 ultrasound machine is more advanced than its sibling X300 system, and it incorporates some of the technologies found on Acuson’s advanced S-Series of ultrasounds. A used Acuson X700 ultrasound from Siemens is designed for mid-range budgets needing an advanced ultrasound machine, but they don’t need some of the more advanced features found on a premium ultrasound machine.

The X700 ultrasound is available as a shared service system, including cardiac stress echo. The Acuson X700 also has a 20″ articulating LCD screen, as well as some of the premium features found on the S-Series of Acuson ultrasounds, including spatial compound imaging, 4D for obstetrics, tissue contrast enhancement, and many of Acuson’s auto-calculations features for vascular, OB, and cardiac imaging.

Providian Medical Expert Ultrasound Review

The X-series of ultrasounds from Acuson are somewhat similar in look and feel to the older Sequoia machines, which some techs really like. The image quality is excellent on the Acuson systems and they are also known to be reliable.