The Acuson X300 Premium Edition is a mid-range shared service ultrasound machine from Siemens. It carries some of the premium imaging features found on Acuson’s best ultrasound machines, but is smaller and it does not carry the premium price. This makes it an excellent choice for many ultrasound shoppers today.

The Acuson X300 has something available for nearly every practice: 4D obstetrics, cardiac with stress echo, a bi-plane transducer for urology as well as Tissue Harmonics, SieClear compound imaging, and Dynamic TCE speckle reduction imaging technologies.

Providian Medical Expert Ultrasound Review

This is one of Acuson’s best sellers and best performers in recent years and we recommend this ultrasound for its price and performance. The X300 PE (Premium Edition) is an excellent ultrasound machine that is versatile, lightweight, and budget-friendly. The wide variety of options available on the machine allow it to be a reasonable purchase for most practices.