The refurbished Acuson Sequoia 512 remains a solid, reliable, and versatile ultrasound machine with excellent image quality at a great price.

Long held as one of the top ultrasound imaging systems for all modalities, the shared service, used Acuson Sequoia 512 remains as a preferred choice for experienced technicians that prefer its workflow, high frame rates, and focus on great image quality.

Providian Medical Acuson Sequoia 512 Ultrasound Review:

Although this is an older system and occasionally hard to find, a number of experienced technicians prefer the workflow and image quality of the Acuson Sequoia over many of the newer Windows-based ultrasound machines. Its speed, high frame rates, and history as an excellent cardiovascular machine keep the Sequoia in the forefront of technicians minds. This is an excellent shared service ultrasound machine that can be found at a great price.