The refurbished SC2000 is Acuson’s Premium cardiac ultrasound machine, featuring its most advanced imaging technologies, including 3D/4D cardiac imaging capabilities. In addition to providing Acuson’s best cardiac images, the used SC2000 adds a great deal of automation and efficiency using 4D and its processing power.

The Acuson/Siemens SC2000 is designed for advanced cardiology uses, with a focus on using 4D and automation to get accurate and efficient results. It also has excellent vascular and abdominal imaging capabilities. It also only has cardiac and vascular transducers available.

Providian Medical Expert Ultrasound Review

Most of the advanced features on the SC2000 are designed solely for the cardiology market. In other words, if you’re not doing primarily advanced cardiac studies, you might want to look at the Siemens S2000 or one of its other S-series premium ultrasound machines. The automation and volume images on the S2000 get excellent reviews for quality and efficiency.