The refurbished Acuson S3000 is Acuson’s most advanced ultrasound system and incorporates its top technologies and newest developments in ultrasound. This is Siemens flagship shared service ultrasound ideal for hospitals, research institutions, and areas in which the highest image quality and most advanced imaging technologies are required.

The price of a used S3000 is also considered high-end and comparable to the cost of late-model GE and Philips ultrasound machines. In the S3000, Acuson is placing all of its cutting-edge technologies.

Providian Medical Expert Ultrasound Review

Acuson/Siemens is incorporating their cutting-edge diagnostic ultrasound technologies in the S3000 ultrasound. In the United States, some features are being added to the machine as the FDA approves features such as its advanced elastography/tissue strain and fusion technologies, and include new ways to incorporate ultrasound images with CT and MRI images.