The Acuson P10 is a black-and-white, pocket ultrasound machine designed for quick diagnosis in cardiology, primary care, and emergency departments. It is small enough to fit within your hand, but powerful enough to meet your clinical needs. It comes with an integrated phased array ultrasound probe that is ideal for triage and a quick, easy look inside of patients to determine the best course of treatment.

Furthermore, with its instant power-up capabilities, the Acuson P10 ultrasound system is the ideal solution for triage, bedside monitoring, and traditional diagnoses. It is available immediately, anytime you need it and helping you make more informed, more confident decisions.

The Acuson P10 ultrasound is also very lightweight (1.6 lbs) and durable, providing reliability to on-site and portable imaging. Additionally, you can find rechargeable Li-ion batteries that last for 1.5 hours of continuous scanning.

Ultrasound Imaging Applications With the Acuson P10

As a pocket-sized ultrasound, the P10 is ideal for supporting triage decisions, bedside monitoring, and traditional diagnosis. It is also designed for cardiac, emergency medicine, and obstetrics, among others.

  • For cardiac uses, it physicians for a quick look at cardiac anatomy and function
  • For emergency medicine, the P10 can help quickly assess free fluid, cardiac activity, and AAA
  • For obstetrics, the P10 provides an in-depth overview of fetal positioning, anatomy, heart beat, and more

Images can be easily stored and transferred via SD card, USB  port, or network disk location.

Providian Medical Expert Review

The Acuson P10 is a cool machine with very specific purposes. It is designed for quick and easy use in an emergency medicine, cardiology, ICU and OB/GYN situation. In each of these situations, they provide a quick view of anatomy and tissue. It has a PDA-type interface and can be used easily with one hand.

The Acuson P10 ultrasound unit is a unique product designed to increase physician’s efficiency when evaluating patients and determining a course of treatment for their patients.