The refurbished Acuson NX3 and Acuson NX3 Elite are mid-range console ultrasounds designed for ease-of-use, simplicity and high resolution.

With a completely redesigned user interface, the used Acuson NX3 ultrasound was designed with heavy input from input from professional sonographers. Its goal was to reduce keystrokes and improve efficiency in daily use for radiology ultrasound.

The NX3 is for clinical applications such as OB/GYN, MSK, vascular, breast, small parts, abdominal, venous, point-of-care, urology, emergency medicine and other general ultrasound use.

The Siemens NX3 features a 21.5″ high resolution LED monitor, a 10.4″ high resolution touch panel, AutoOB Measurements, 4D fetal imaging, Tissue Doppler, Wireless connectivity, speckle reduction and compound imaging technology.

Providian Medical Acuson NX3 Ultrasound Review:

Acuson’s key focus on the NX3 was to completely redesign the user interface and improve ergonomics, efficiency and workflow. With so many new and refurbished ultrasound machines on the market, the mid-range systems are needing to separate themselves from the pack. With Acuson/Siemens losing marketshare, the hope is that this machine will help rejuvenate its once-strong hold in the ultrasound market.