The refurbished Acuson Bonsai is a portable shared service laptop-style ultrasound machine that is primarily designed as a cardiovascular ultrasound.

The Bonsai enters the realm of the most popular and advanced portable cardiovascular machines: Philips CX50, GE Vivid q, and GE Vivid iq.

In addition to the most standard advanced features on high-end portable cardiac machines, the Bonsai includes advanced software that is not found on other portable machines. This includes features such as Strain/Strain Rate, Stress Echo, AutoEF, LVO Contrast, and TEE transducers.

Other unique features include single-crystal transducer technology, Solid State hard drive, HDMI output, Tissue Doppler, Tissue Velocity, and a fast boot time (28 seconds from cold start as opposed to 60-120 seconds for other high-end portable cardiac machines).

For other modalities, a 5-20MHz high frequency linear and two TEE transducer options provide the used Acuson Bonsai unique feature that are typically found on more expensive console full-size cardiovascular ultrasound machines.

Providian Medical Acuson Bonsai Review:

The Bonsai is a welcome system in the Acuson lineup. Acuson hasn’t had its own, true portable cardiac machine since the Acuson Cypress… which is among the most popular portable cardiovascular systems in history. It’s been a long road for Siemens/Acuson to create a solid portable of its own, as the Acuson P50 and Acuson P300 were models licensed from Terason and Esaote, respectively.

Besides having a name that’s fun to say, the advanced features available on the Bonsai place it in a very exclusive club of portable ultrasounds. These advanced features allow the Bonsai to replace more traditional console systems.