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Hitachi’s success in the ultrasound imaging industry has made it a leader within the medical imaging field. Dedicated to diagnostic development and technological research and advances, Hitachi produces ultrasound equipment in use by medical practices around the world. With over 35 years of experience in producing high quality ultrasounds, Hitachi ultrasound systems are known for their user-friendliness and longevity. At Providian Medical Field Service, our experienced Hitachi ultrasound techs are prepared to fix and service your Hitachi EUB-405 Plus ultrasound unitHitachi EUB-525 F ultrasound systemHitachi Hi Vision 6500 ultrasound machineHitachi Hi Vision 8500 ultrasound equipmentHitachi Hi Vision 5500 ultrasound system, or any other Hitachi ultrasound equipment.

Contact A Local Hitachi Ultrasound Service Engineer in Your Area


Providian has service technicians throughout our 11 geographical regions in the United States. Our technicians have the ability to provide you with ultrasound repair service and maintenance where and when you need it. We understand the importance of localized service, and the repair techs at Providian can fix your broken Hitachi ultrasound equipment or provide preventative maintenance and tune-ups for your Hitachi ultrasound system at your location. Call our experienced and professional ultrasound engineers today to schedule your preventive maintenance or Hitachi repair appointment today.

Hitachi Ultrasound Service Contract

Keep your Hitachi ultrasound machine and Hitachi probes in good working order by signing up for a Providian ultrasound service contract. Our service contracts for maintenance and repair of Hitachi ultrasound equipment can be tailored to meet your servicing needs. Service and maintenance contracts can include preventive maintenance visits, single year or multi-year contracts, probe testing, 24 hour or less on site response time service, and other choices to suit your preferences. Our experienced ultrasound engineers provide professional service at an affordable price. Contact Providian today for more information on Hitachi ultrasound service contract options.

Need Access To Hitachi Ultrasound Service Manuals?

Do you need a Hitachi ultrasound user guide to fix a simple problem independently? Providian is your source for Hitachi operational guides. We have a large inventory of Hitachi owner’s manuals and user guides available for purchase. Contact us today for your Hitachi service and repair manual needs.