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ATL, acquired by Philips Medical Systems in 1998, continues to be recognized in the ultrasound imaging industry for their creation of advanced, cutting edge, and specialized digital broadband ultrasound imaging machines and software. A leader in development and co-creator of the DICOM standard, ATL ultrasound equipment is still widely used and purchased in today’s ultrasound imaging field. At Providian Medical Field Service, our experienced ATL ultrasound technicians are standing by to fix and service your ATL HDI 1000 ultrasound unitATL HDI 3000 ultrasound systemATL HDI 4000 ultrasound machineATL HDI 5000 ultrasound equipmentATL UM9 HDI ultrasound system, or any other ATL ultrasound equipment.

Contact A Local ATL Ultrasound Service Engineer in Your Area


Providian can provide you with ultrasound repair service and maintenance where and when you need it. Our service and repair team, armed with ultrasound technicians across the United States, understands the importance of local ultrasound service and repair. The repair techs at Providian can fix your broken ATL ultrasound equipment or provide preventative maintenance and tune-ups for your ATL ultrasound system at your location. Call our experienced and professional ultrasound technicians today to discuss your ATL preventive maintenance or repair needs.

ATL Ultrasound Service Contract

Keep your ATL ultrasound machine and ATL probes in good working order by signing up for a Providian ATL ultrasound service contract. Our service contracts for maintenance and repair of ATL ultrasound equipment can be tailored to meet your servicing needs. Service and maintenance contracts can include preventive maintenance visits, single year or multi-year contracts, probe testing, 24 hour or less on site response time service, and other choices to suit your preferences. Our experienced ultrasound engineers provide professional service at an affordable price. Contact Providian today for more information on ATL ultrasound service contract options.

Need Access To ATL Ultrasound Service Manuals?

Fix simple ATL ultrasound equipment issues independently by using a ATL operations manual as a guide. Providian has an inventory of ATL owner’s manuals and user guides available for purchase. Contact us today for your ATL service and repair manual needs.