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Now, more than ever, people are looking for a free new or used ultrasound price quote. In today’s tough economy, more and more people are turning to Providian Medical to save on their new and used ultrasound equipment. It’s the economical solution to a physician’s challenge of finding the best deal on an ultrasound machine. We make it easy and painless to get you the best ultrasound machine and will quickly provide you with a free price quote. Call a sales specialist today at (877) 661-8224 or use the form at the bottom of this page and we will get to work immediately on your price quote.

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Providian Medical ultrasound price quote

It’s Rough out there!

You never know who you’re dealing with when purchasing an ultrasound machine, and you can never be too sure about the equipment you’re purchasing from a dealer. If you go to the wrong place, you may pay too much or receive problematic equipment that was not properly inspected prior to delivery. At Providian, we inspect, refurbish and ensure every ultrasound system we sell operates or exceeds manufacturer’s specifications.

What’s the Right Price?

There’s no “blue book” for ultrasound equipment… new or used. So people often try to find the best deal out there. Providian Medical’s price quotes are competitive with the industry, and we do our best to beat any competitor’s price. But sometimes we won’t, and usually it’s when we’re up against a dealer that is not FDA approved, nor do they have service, repair, and refurbishing departments… they “spray and pray” when it comes to their “refurbishing process”. They also don’t have anyone to repair your equipment if it fails under warranty and that customer’s risk/reward is high. We won’t compete against those prices, although it’s not uncommon for our prices to meet or beat their offers.

Getting a Free Price Quote:

It’s easy to get a free price quote and we make it quick and easy to get you an accurate quote that best meets your needs:

Step 1: Contact us in one or two ways:

  • Call Toll-Free today at (877) 661-8224
  • Use the form below to submit your information. We will always respect your privacy, you will never be spammed, and we’ll use this information only to respond to this request for a new or used ultrasound machine.

Step 2:We’ll get to work. It’s best if we have a good conversation with you so we can identify the best ultrasound machines for your requests and needs.

Step 3: We help you find the best options for financing this ultrasound. Whether you use your own funds, a local bank, or prefer to work with our leasing specialists, we’ll work with you to assist you in getting the best financing option for your ultrasound machine.

Our trained sales specialists take the time to talk to you, help you understand the options you have available, and put together a package that’s designed to get you the best ultrasound system at the best price.

The quote is free, there’s no obligation, so don’t delay! Call today at (877) 661-8224

How much will you save?

Whether you’re buying new or used, Providian Medical will save you money. Our buying power, expert sales staff and expert refurbishing technicians allow us to provide a premium product while offering the best prices. With new ultrasound machines, our relationships with manufacturers are created with our customers in mind, ensuring we are passing along the best deals to our customers.

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